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Reasons for talking during sleep

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Reasons for talking during sleep 

Talk during sleep is a dump of what is inside of a psychiatric disorder or anxiety and increases the opportunity to speak during sleep if I went to sleep and you're tired mentally or physically .. but oddly enough you can talk and you are asleep can not talk things out before others
Here are some important tips to avoid these things :
1 - Non- confidential and disclosure , including in your mind wanders to your friends for your brother , for example,
2 - You also optimistic and do not despair
3 - You should always exercise regularly and you'll nutrition beneficial to the body of vitamins and minerals and minerals that helps you to recover lost energy and make you feel better and lasting satisfaction .
4 - Try to go to sleep the body is tired "means not trying to make a fabulous effort during the day ," or cumbersome thought " ie, from Nam mind at ease and you do not think about anything before going to sleep .Also prefer to avoid drinking stimulants such as tea , coffee and drinks can be used sedative Kalenson and not fill the stomach with food before bedtime
As for the pharmacological side , do not worry , you do not need any treatment

So you do not alienate others : 15 and a way to avoid bad breath

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So you do not alienate others : 15 and a way to avoid bad breath
Often Tkablin your friends and relatives , to talk to and sit with them for a long time , and suddenly you feel that one of them her smile faded , and attributed her head slightly backwards . Do not think that an emergency has happened to her , but they probably were roasting intellectual smell of your mouth .
The fact is painful and traumatic for women, and men too, but it behooves us to pay attention to this problem , which is now scattered widely , without that cast her each Bala .
Simple test .. and amazing!
Says Dr. Eric Shapira ( dental surgeon and assistant professor at the Faculty of Dentistry University of Pacific , San Francisco ) : " To what extent are the smell of your mouth bad? If you do not have a girlfriend to tell you the truth , there are two ways to find out : the first using hand : Get out a deep breath from your mouth while you place your hands around your mouth , and then Astnhqih , if the smell is not acceptable for you , it is unbearable for others . second using silk threads : Put the floss gently between your teeth , then Asthabayh , and Inhale as drawn by the mouth on a string , if the smell is bad, the your mouth smell bad , too. "
The advice offered by several doctors specialize teeth , they are :
No Taatnola food abound where spices and garlic :
The foods marinated have an impact long after ingested , Valtwabl rest and restore its with essential fats in the mouth , so it may remain odor for 24 hours, no matter how washed your mouth or teeth .. so it you reduce eat onions , garlic, pepper and some kinds of other spices .
Avoid certain types of meat :
The cold meats such as sausage and Pastrami , also leaving the fat in the mouth for a long time after ingested , if you Stltakin with your friends or your relatives , Vtjunba eating this meat by at least 24 hours , claimed not to speak on your behalf !
Avoid types of cheese :
There are some types of cheese that leave a strong impact after ingested for long periods , especially manufacturers (formerly French cheese and turkey, etc.) as there are some dairy products that have the same negative impact .
Cut down on eating fish :
Some types of fish has a very bad smell , Kaldjembra on pizza or tuna sandwiches , which may take in. with you during travel or other , it leaves a bad effect in the mouth for a long time .
Refrain from eating smelly drinks :
Among these drinks Turkish coffee _ despite good smell before eating _ which may leave scent is a good stay for a long time in the oral mucosa , and is working on a non- purifying your digestive system , so they come out smelling bad with all the same .
You are constantly using a toothbrush :
Some odors can reduce them temporarily or forever , if you use the brush after eating every meal directly . The primarily responsible for the stench is live and dead bacteria that stick to the teeth and gums , where there are billions of billions of microorganisms that inhabit every corner of the mouth , and gathered some odors and produces some of the other ones . Therefore, the use of the brush after every meal , greatly reduce the spread and survival of these bacteria.
Rinse your mouth well :
Says Dr. Jerry Tintor ( President of Dental Surgery , Faculty of Medicine, University of Tennessee, Memphis ) : "When you do not Tsttiei wash your teeth , you can be rinsed with water , and make sure to be Tmli your mouth with water and mobility well at home , so as to wash the mouth of the smell of food , and then get out the water afterwards your mouth . "
I eat three meals a day :
The reason may be in the stink , not to eat , the bad smell of the mouth is one of the side effects of poor diet , eating or not eating (which is what everybody notices in the morning ) .
Eat water :
Dr. Shapira says : " when you're in a restaurant, and brush your teeth at home , you'll sip some water , and stir in your mouth , then Abelaah , and Abtala with leftovers in your mouth after a meal ."
Smoking :
Avoid smoking completely , it leaves a very bad smell in the mouth for a long time , so it has a very unpleasant smell of smokers , smelt it anywhere Adkhalouna , without that they feel the this, because their noses accustomed to this smell completely .
Gurgling on the basis of color and smell:
If you want the rest of the stench for 20 minutes , you Balgrgerh , it is a good idea , but the effect soon wears off .
There are different types of fluids Zakia , Kanbr , and gargle with liquids that contain the flavor of some essential oils , Kazaatar , mint, benzoic acid and sodium Bnznat , all of the reduction of the bad smell of the mouth .
Use peppermint , frankincense :
As is the case with gurgling , the use of mints or chewing gum works as a cover for the smell of the mouth for a specified time , and is useful in the case of short interviews .
Eat parsley :
Add parsley is heavily on food dishes , as it works to keep the smell good , it is a natural self- renew , so you are constantly taking it .
Some spices useful :
There are some herbs and spices that Tanfeza in your kitchen , it can be Kmhassanat of smell also , Kalqrnfel , cinnamon, anise , put them sealed plastic cans , and chew each after meals .
Wash your tongue :
Dr. Shapira says : " Many people overlook the tongue , the tongue covered with hair-like membrane , which looks under the microscope like a forest of mushrooms , and under this part , which hides some of the things we eat , causing the stench ." And his advice to you: during the wash teeth , you wash the tongue gently , and Pour off the bacteria that may cause in the presence of the stench .

Important note:
May not be the smell of the mouth _ condition persists for a long time _ because of a problem in the mouth , but also may indicate a serious illness , God forbid , says Dr. Roger Levin ( President of the Academy of Baltimore Dental ) : " This may be due to odors or gases resulting from the problems of the digestive system , but if the odor persists for more than 24 hours, you should consult a doctor . " It is the diseases that lead to bad odor in the mouth , cancer , tuberculosis , syphilis , drought and zinc deficiency

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