ASTAGHFR: Reasons for talking during sleep

Reasons for talking during sleep

Reasons for talking during sleep 

Talk during sleep is a dump of what is inside of a psychiatric disorder or anxiety and increases the opportunity to speak during sleep if I went to sleep and you're tired mentally or physically .. but oddly enough you can talk and you are asleep can not talk things out before others
Here are some important tips to avoid these things :
1 - Non- confidential and disclosure , including in your mind wanders to your friends for your brother , for example,
2 - You also optimistic and do not despair
3 - You should always exercise regularly and you'll nutrition beneficial to the body of vitamins and minerals and minerals that helps you to recover lost energy and make you feel better and lasting satisfaction .
4 - Try to go to sleep the body is tired "means not trying to make a fabulous effort during the day ," or cumbersome thought " ie, from Nam mind at ease and you do not think about anything before going to sleep .Also prefer to avoid drinking stimulants such as tea , coffee and drinks can be used sedative Kalenson and not fill the stomach with food before bedtime
As for the pharmacological side , do not worry , you do not need any treatment

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