ASTAGHFR: So you do not alienate others : 15 and a way to avoid bad breath

So you do not alienate others : 15 and a way to avoid bad breath

So you do not alienate others : 15 and a way to avoid bad breath
Often Tkablin your friends and relatives , to talk to and sit with them for a long time , and suddenly you feel that one of them her smile faded , and attributed her head slightly backwards . Do not think that an emergency has happened to her , but they probably were roasting intellectual smell of your mouth .
The fact is painful and traumatic for women, and men too, but it behooves us to pay attention to this problem , which is now scattered widely , without that cast her each Bala .
Simple test .. and amazing!
Says Dr. Eric Shapira ( dental surgeon and assistant professor at the Faculty of Dentistry University of Pacific , San Francisco ) : " To what extent are the smell of your mouth bad? If you do not have a girlfriend to tell you the truth , there are two ways to find out : the first using hand : Get out a deep breath from your mouth while you place your hands around your mouth , and then Astnhqih , if the smell is not acceptable for you , it is unbearable for others . second using silk threads : Put the floss gently between your teeth , then Asthabayh , and Inhale as drawn by the mouth on a string , if the smell is bad, the your mouth smell bad , too. "
The advice offered by several doctors specialize teeth , they are :
No Taatnola food abound where spices and garlic :
The foods marinated have an impact long after ingested , Valtwabl rest and restore its with essential fats in the mouth , so it may remain odor for 24 hours, no matter how washed your mouth or teeth .. so it you reduce eat onions , garlic, pepper and some kinds of other spices .
Avoid certain types of meat :
The cold meats such as sausage and Pastrami , also leaving the fat in the mouth for a long time after ingested , if you Stltakin with your friends or your relatives , Vtjunba eating this meat by at least 24 hours , claimed not to speak on your behalf !
Avoid types of cheese :
There are some types of cheese that leave a strong impact after ingested for long periods , especially manufacturers (formerly French cheese and turkey, etc.) as there are some dairy products that have the same negative impact .
Cut down on eating fish :
Some types of fish has a very bad smell , Kaldjembra on pizza or tuna sandwiches , which may take in. with you during travel or other , it leaves a bad effect in the mouth for a long time .
Refrain from eating smelly drinks :
Among these drinks Turkish coffee _ despite good smell before eating _ which may leave scent is a good stay for a long time in the oral mucosa , and is working on a non- purifying your digestive system , so they come out smelling bad with all the same .
You are constantly using a toothbrush :
Some odors can reduce them temporarily or forever , if you use the brush after eating every meal directly . The primarily responsible for the stench is live and dead bacteria that stick to the teeth and gums , where there are billions of billions of microorganisms that inhabit every corner of the mouth , and gathered some odors and produces some of the other ones . Therefore, the use of the brush after every meal , greatly reduce the spread and survival of these bacteria.
Rinse your mouth well :
Says Dr. Jerry Tintor ( President of Dental Surgery , Faculty of Medicine, University of Tennessee, Memphis ) : "When you do not Tsttiei wash your teeth , you can be rinsed with water , and make sure to be Tmli your mouth with water and mobility well at home , so as to wash the mouth of the smell of food , and then get out the water afterwards your mouth . "
I eat three meals a day :
The reason may be in the stink , not to eat , the bad smell of the mouth is one of the side effects of poor diet , eating or not eating (which is what everybody notices in the morning ) .
Eat water :
Dr. Shapira says : " when you're in a restaurant, and brush your teeth at home , you'll sip some water , and stir in your mouth , then Abelaah , and Abtala with leftovers in your mouth after a meal ."
Smoking :
Avoid smoking completely , it leaves a very bad smell in the mouth for a long time , so it has a very unpleasant smell of smokers , smelt it anywhere Adkhalouna , without that they feel the this, because their noses accustomed to this smell completely .
Gurgling on the basis of color and smell:
If you want the rest of the stench for 20 minutes , you Balgrgerh , it is a good idea , but the effect soon wears off .
There are different types of fluids Zakia , Kanbr , and gargle with liquids that contain the flavor of some essential oils , Kazaatar , mint, benzoic acid and sodium Bnznat , all of the reduction of the bad smell of the mouth .
Use peppermint , frankincense :
As is the case with gurgling , the use of mints or chewing gum works as a cover for the smell of the mouth for a specified time , and is useful in the case of short interviews .
Eat parsley :
Add parsley is heavily on food dishes , as it works to keep the smell good , it is a natural self- renew , so you are constantly taking it .
Some spices useful :
There are some herbs and spices that Tanfeza in your kitchen , it can be Kmhassanat of smell also , Kalqrnfel , cinnamon, anise , put them sealed plastic cans , and chew each after meals .
Wash your tongue :
Dr. Shapira says : " Many people overlook the tongue , the tongue covered with hair-like membrane , which looks under the microscope like a forest of mushrooms , and under this part , which hides some of the things we eat , causing the stench ." And his advice to you: during the wash teeth , you wash the tongue gently , and Pour off the bacteria that may cause in the presence of the stench .

Important note:
May not be the smell of the mouth _ condition persists for a long time _ because of a problem in the mouth , but also may indicate a serious illness , God forbid , says Dr. Roger Levin ( President of the Academy of Baltimore Dental ) : " This may be due to odors or gases resulting from the problems of the digestive system , but if the odor persists for more than 24 hours, you should consult a doctor . " It is the diseases that lead to bad odor in the mouth , cancer , tuberculosis , syphilis , drought and zinc deficiency
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