ASTAGHFR: Medical Advice ......Learn mobile fat

Medical Advice ......Learn mobile fat

Medical Advice .. - 
 Learn mobile fat .Fat and mobile , also known as hydrogenated fats are compounds made ​​from liquid oils . This is very harmful fat which is responsible for increased rates of bad cholesterol and lowering levels of good Alchollstrot .Because these fats were thick and solid work on the blocked arteries and blood vessels , which may lead to heart attack or angina .Says the medical center of the University of Maryland that the mobile fat is usually taken from processed foods such as french fries , biscuits, cakes and many fast food .And advises the university to replace hydrogenated fats other foods such as natural fruits and vegetables, red meat , pulses and cereals.It also urges researchers to reflect on the ingredients on the food blog in search of hydrogenated fats and stay away from these foods .Watched you hold for your health.British researchers confirmed that it is possible to save the lives of more than 20 thousand people die each year in Britain alone by taking preventive measures to help reduce their blood pressure , and thus remove the risk of stroke and notedResearchers said there are about 50 thousand a similar situation a year could be avoided by low blood pressure monitoringA study published by the Assembly in the context of an awareness campaign carried out by that 84% of Britons do not realize that control their blood pressure may reduce the rate of exposure to a stroke , and 60% do not know what is blood pressure .It produces stroke interruption of blood flow from one area of ​​the brain , which leads to damage in cells or toDeath .Separation of the free and the risk to adultsIn a time when the summer is a good chance to get out the elderly for hiking and increase activity and stay away from the idle and stay at home have formed the summer heat and a threat to their health problems more than other age groupsDifferent .May cause a lot of drugs covered by the elderly for hypertension and heart in diuresis which leads to drought in the summer, which could result in a sense of not feeling comfortable and may lead to damage
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